Hello, and welcome to my little personal corner of Simphany.com! 

I submitted a few creations, just before the base game was officially released, to www.thesims2.com,  but soon found myself solely submitting to www.thesimsresource.com.  My submissions on both sites were mostly of clothing recolors, and mostly for toddlers and female children. 

It took me a while, and much more than a few tries to get all the steps to meshing right, but in the end, I had my first mesh (which was my babydoll dress for toddler girls).  I thank all the great people at www.modthesims2.com for their incredible tutorials!

My sole reason for creating things for the Sims 2 is to make my gameplay more interesting.  There's nothing like downloading a whole bunch of new items, or recolors, and knowing that when I play the game again, I'll be able to use them to make a really pretty screenshot, or to furnish the perfect new home for a sim family in one of my neighborhoods.

Well, that's about it, I think.  If you should have any basic/general questions, I'm sure you'll find your answers in my FAQ section.  If you experience any problems with my uploads, please go to my Help Section.  If all else fails (which it shouldn't, but just in case...) then please feel free to contact me.














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